Lesson plan Yoga Therapy by Alena Baronstein

Daria 16 y.o., Kyphosis;
Hyperextension of neck- work on mild flexion and stretch back of neck and upper traps,
Protraction of scapulae-work on retraction, work on rhomboid, posterior deltoid
Hyper flexion of thoracic vertebrae – work on back extension on thoracic
Warm up:
General warm up and include movements like;
Chicken head back and forward, neck rotation
Chest expansion movements
Shoulder rotation
Suria Namaskar A (6 rounds)
1.Tadasana with arms up against wall.
2. Baddha hasta Tadasana
3. Padangusthasana (straightening the mid back and squeezing scapular together instead of face to shin)
4. Trikonasana (focus on retraction of scapular)
5. Parvritta Trikonasana
6. Paschimottanasana (straightening back)
7. Purvottanasana
8.Ushtrasana – Balasana (3 sets)
9. Salabhasana(Locust Pose)
10. Vakrasana
11. Gomukhasana
12. Bhujangasana – Unsupported Bhujangasana 5x – Balasana
13. Dhanurasana – Balasana + variation to stretch armspits
14. Sarvangasana-Halasana-Bridge pose
15. Matsyasana with blocks
16.Lying spinal twist
17. Savasana (concentrate on heart chakra)