Lesson Plan – Themed Class: Kakasana

1. Introduction Kakasana or Crow Pose is a balancing pose which requires upper-body strength, balance and concentration. It helps to strengthen shoulders, arms and the wrists and stretches fingers – apparently practicing this pose will be beneficial for people who spend lot of the time on the computer.
In case of wrist, arm, elbow or shoulder injury should be performed with care.
2. Warm Up, Surya Namaskar A (5rounds)
3. Preparation for the Asana (core, shoulders, arms, wrists):
Plank pose with one leg extended making circles 10 times in each direction (variation: Lifting extended leg and moving it up and down in a small range); Balasana
3 sets  of  10 push-ups (Balasana to rest in between)
Side plank 5 breaths
Side plank with arm extended over the head 5breaths
Abdominal crunches with knees bend 3 sets of 20
Dolphin pose 10 counts
Sit on your heels
4. Kakasana with variations:
Begin in a squatted position with feet and knees turned slightly outwards. Place palms down, shoulder width, in front of your feet. Spread the fingers wide and keep the elbows slightly bend. Place your knees on the upper part of your arms above elbows. Lift the chin up. Slightly shift your weight forward, but don’t lift your toes off the floor yet. Get the feel of the pose.
Practice by lifting only one leg off the floor, using the other one for balance. Finally find you balance and lift both toes off the floor.  If toes don’t come off the ground due to difficulty in shifting the weight forward, try to put blocks underneath the feet, bringing hips up. If afraid of falling forward, practice with yoga blocks, narrow side facing, resting your head on blocks.
Advanced: slowly move yourself forward and place the crown of your head on the floor. Take a couple of breaths and pushing into your arms, bring yourself back.
5. Parvha Bakasana
Start in a squatted position. Keeping the palms in place, turn your knees to face the right side. Start to lean forward, keeping the head lifted, and place your knees on top of the right arm. Take one foot and then the other off the floor so you come to balance with both feet up. Come down and try the other side.
Advanced: Try to straighten both legs, keeping the feet in line with the hips.
6. Matsyasana (to open a chest and bring shoulders back) or Savasana
7. PR time
– Anna Petrov

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