Lesson Plan – Special Class

Introduction (Name and Questions to participants related to injuries)
Start with 3 depth breaths and 3 AUMs.
Warm Up (10 minutes)
Rotation of neck, Rotation of arms and wrist, Rotation of hips and legs, Rotation of torso
 Guided Surya Namaskar A ( 5 times) and Surya Namaskar B ( 5 times) (10 minutes)
Standing Poses (5 minutes)

  1. 1.    Padangusthasana – 5 deepth breaths & Pada Hastasana – 5 breaths

 Slowly bring yourself up and Samastiti. 

  1. 2.    Virabhdrasana 1  – hold the pose for 5 breaths.  From Warrior 1, student will transition into plank pose.

 Seated Poses and Drills (25 minutes)
 3.    Plank Pose – Hold the plank for 20 seconds.  Release the pose and repeat 3 times.  Rest in Child’s pose for 5 seconds and return to plank pose
 4.    Knee to elbow Plank Pose (variation).  In plank pose, raise the right knee to the elbow and repeat for 5 times with each leg. Rest in Child’s pose for 5 seconds.  Vinyasa to transition and lay flat on the mat.
 5.    Navasana –  Hold the pose for 5 deep breaths and repeat 5 times.                                       
6.    Beginner’s variation of Garbha Pindasana (legs folded).  Roll back and forth 9 to 10 times. This will allow the student to get used to get into the final pose using core strength. Vinyasa and jump thru to seated.
7.    Urdhva Mukkha Pachimottanasa

    Finishing Sequence 
8.    Salamba Sarvangasana – Hold the pose for 15 breaths ( menses or pregnant do not get into the pose)
9.    Matsyasana Fish pose – hold for 10 breaths
10.  Rest in Savasana (10 minutes)

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