Lesson Plan for intermediate

Lesson plan for Intermediate:
Focus on strength and stability.

Introduction on self and build rapport. Inquire on any health issues or any injuries. Allow Balasana options at any time during lesson. Keep eyes close to centre ourselves and hence, health issues can be notified in confidential.

Begin with OM three times at Tadasana.
Suriya Namaskar 5 rounds to warm the body.

1. Utthita Parsvokonasana – extended side angle pose L & R
2. Chatturanga Dandasana – four Limb staff pose
3. Urdha Mukha Svanasana – upward facing dog
4. Santolasana – plank pose
5. Vasisthanasa – side plank pose L & R
6. Balasana – child pose
7. Halasana – plough pose
8. Matsyasana – fish pose
9. Pawan Muktasana – wind releasing pose
10. Savasana – corpse pose

Awaken the body and bow in gratitude and open the floor for any questions.

Namaste and thank you

Thank you.

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