Lesson Plan For Intermediate 1 ( 60 mins)

1. Introduction (5 mins)
– Self Introduction
– Check with student if they have any medical condition or injuries.
– remind the students be aware about their bodies during asana practice to know if they are xperiencing pain or discomfort. At anytime if they need to rest they can stay in balasana ( child pose ).
Prepare blocks and ropes for students.
2. Pranayama ( 5 mins)
– Practise 3 round of Ujjayi breathing before start.
– Kapalbhakti , pumping action in the abdominal to exhale ( forcefully exhale ) .
– Do 2 round of 10 cycles.
3. Joint  Warm Up (10 mins)
a / Feet – Alternatively raise the toes and then the heels of both feet .5 x each.
b/ Hip – Raise your right foot and bend. Slowly move outward to the side for 5x and inward for 5x . Do the same for left leg.
c/  Torso twist – raise arm towards to the ceiling and up stretches to right for 3 x . Do the same for left .
d/ Shoulder roll (roll forward/ roll backward) 5x each
e/ Arms – stretch out your arms side of your body and move your arm in a circle, forwards & backwards each 5x.
f./ Finger – interlacing you finger and rotate clockwise / anti clockwise x 5 each. Hand make a fist & stretch open .
g/ Neck – Tilt towards your right shoulder and then left shoulder. Do it for 3x. Rotate clockwise & anti clockwise.
Be careful: Be gently on this exercise, or you may strain the muscles and vertebrae of the neck.
4 .  Muscle Warm Up – Do 3 rounds of Surya Namaskara A and Namaskara B each.
5 . Asana Pose
A/ Surya Namaskar A ( variation with Warrior I & II and Utthita Parsvakonasana)
a/Samasthiti ( Standing prayer )-  Stand in tadasana.
b/ Inhale – Urdhava Hastasana ( Upward Salute )
c/Exhale – Uttanasana (Intense forward bend)
d/Inhale –  Ardha Uttanasana (Standing Half forward Bend) , bend you knee and jump back .
e/Exhale –  Chaturanga Dandasan ( Four limbed staff pose) ,  lower yourself to the floor until upper arms are parallel to your spine.
f/ Inhale – Urdhva Mukha Savanasana (Upward- facing Dog) , lift your torso, fully extending your arm and creating an arch in your back.
g/Exhale – Adho Mukha Savanasan (Downard facing dog), press against the floor, keeping your elbow straight. Lift your sit bones up toward the ceiling.
h/ Inahle – Virabhadrasana I ( Warrior I ) , step your right foot forward.
– Exhale, bend right leg to 90 degree to the floor.
– Inhale, raise your arms up toward the ceiling.
– Hold for 5 breaths
i/ Exhale – Virabhadrasana II ( Warrior II ),  release your arm to the shoulder level and extend to the side of your body.
– Inhale , turn you head to the right .
– Hold for 5 breaths
j/ Exhale – Utthita Parsvakonasana-Varation (Extended Side Angle Pose) ,  bend your right arm and place the right elbow on top of right legs.
– Inhale , lift and extend your left arm over your head, palm facing down.
– Turn your head to gaze at your left arm.
– Hold for 5 breaths.
– On your next inhale, straighten you right leg .
k/ Exhale – Chaturanga Dandasan ( Four limbed staff pose)
l/ Inahle – Urdhva Mukha Savanasana (Upward-facing Dog)
m/ Exhale – Adho Mukha Savanasan (Downard facing dog)
n/ Inahle – Virabhadrasana I ( Warrior I ) , step your left foot forward. Repeat the cycle for left legs.
B / Arm & Core Strengthening  

  1. Ladies push up 10x
  2. Dolphin plank – hold for 5 breathes
  3. Dolphin push up 10x
  4. Boat Pose – hold for 5 breathes, 2 x.
  5. Side Plank / Variation – hold for 5 breathes for right and left.

C/ Bakasana ( Crane Pose)
– Squatting with your feet and knees separated wider than you hips.
– Lean your torsa forward, and extend your arms to place your hands on the floor in front of you. Turn your hands inward slightly, and widen you fingers.
– Bend your elbows, resting your knees against your upper arms.
– Lifting up on the ball of your feet and leaning your torso forward.
– Hold for 5 breathes.
– Exhale, slowly lift you feet off the floor one at a time .
– Do 2 x.
D/ Triang Mukhaikapada Pascimottanasan ( Forward Bend with one leg bent back)
Sit in dandasan.
Bend your right leg back, place the foot beside the right hip.
Inhale , lean forward and catch the left foot. Elongate the spine and look forward.
Exhale, bend forward over the left leg. If possible, place your forehead on your left shin.
Hold for 5 breaths.
Inhale , left you torsa up .
Repeat with other leg.
E/ Bow Pose ( Dhanurasana)
–  Inhale, Lift your chest off the floor. Simultaneously lift your thighs by pulling your ankles up with your hands.
–  Keep your head in a neutral position, and make sure that your knees don’t separate more than the width of your hips. Tuck you tailbone into your pubis.
– Hold for 5 breaths. Exhale, and release your ankle, gently return to the floor.
F/ Balasana
–  Hold for 5 breaths.
G/ Straighten the leg upward against the wall.
H/ Savasana
In Seated Pose, end the class with inhale as you exhale chant “OM” together, 3x .
Esther Woon Chooi Kean (200hr weekend YTTC 2013)