Lesson Plan for beginner, session 1.

The first 20″ duration :
Warm up exercise – standing exercise
(Neck stretch, Shoulder rolls, Upper arm stretch, Windmill, Hip rotation, Thigh stretch, Front- to- side leg raise, Leg Pendulum, Woodcutter, Spinning)
Tadasana (mountain posture)
Ardha Uttanasana (half forward bend
Nagasana(raised serpent posture)
Balasana (child’s posture)
The next 30″
Udhita padasana (raised leg posture)
Pavanmuktasana (wind_relieving posture)
Titirasana (partridge posture)
Pavanmuktasana (wind – relieving posture)
Makrasana (crocodile posture)
Bilkasana (cat posture)
Balasana (child’s posture)
Vajrasana (thunderbolt posture)
parivrtta vajrasana (thunderbolt twist)
Vajrasana (thunderbolt posture)
Savasana (corps posture

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