Lesson plan- Focus Utkatasana

Lesson Plan

1 hour

Focus: Utkatasana

Primary target– Quadricep strengthening

Additional points– Core strengthening, chest opening, ankle, arm and shoulder stretching. Strength and stamina for the whole body.

The goal for this class is to expose students to the key muscles being used in Utkatasana. Students will then practice various postures to strengthen target muscles, leading up to an improved final pose (and variations). The class will follow some of the primary ashtanga series to keep a regular flow.

Pre Class


15 mins



 5 mins



  • Students arrive 10 mins prior to class commencement.


  • Teacher and students sit, students are welcomed.

  • Teacher asks if anyone has a medical condition or injury. Balasana (childs pose) is also demonstrated here for students to go to at anytime during the class if they wish to rest.


  • Bhastrika x10, 10rounds

    Guide students if they have not practised before, ensure uniformed intensity for both inhalation and exhalation.

Warm up

  • Guide students through a basic warm up, starting with the toes working up to the neck.

  • Rise and fall on toes, revolve ankles, squat and stand, bend forward (legs straight), swing legs (individually back and forward), side bends, revolve arms and wrists, move neck side to side, up and down.


Postures are performed and instructed simultaneously. Focus asanas students will require a demonstration initially.

Wake up/ energising

  • Surya Namaskara A & B (sun salutation ) x5 each form

  • Padangusthasana(standing forward bend with bound toe)

    Hold for 5 breaths.

  • Padahastasana(Standing forward bend palms under feet)

    Hold for 5 breaths

  • Virabhadrasana A(warrior 1) and lunge x2 sets

Hold warrior for 5 breaths then turn back forward inward in line with front foot. Gently dip back knee towards the floor and raise up 5 times. Alternate legs between sets. Last set step back into downward dog.

  • Adho Mukha shvanasana (downward dog)

5 breaths. Step through into seated.


  • Dandasana(staff pose) 5 breaths


  • Eka Pada Uttanpadasana (single leg raise) x10 each leg & 10 scissors.

    Raise leg up to 90 degrees, keeping the other leg flat on the floor toes dorsi flexed.

  • Navasana (boat pose)x3

    Hold each pose for 5 breaths. Can bend knees a little if need to.

  • Sethu Bandhasana (bridge pose) xhold for 20 breaths

    Feet hip width apart, hands interlaced behind back, chest up pushing towards the chin.

    Flip onto stomach.


  • Bhujangasana(cobra) x3

    Extend alms completely and raise up hold for 3 breaths.

    Keep arms at side and raise right leg up and down 10 times, then left, then lift both together for 10 breaths.

  • Makarasana(Crocodile pose) x10 breaths

    feet hip width apart, toes together, heals apart, cross arms and rest head. Relax.



  • Wall slides x5

    With back against the wall and feet slightly away bend knees to a 45 degree angle, hold for 5 breaths. Repeat.

 Focus posture

Move back to mat.

  • Uttkatasana (chair pose) x5 hold for 5 breaths

    Ensure knees are squeezing and behind the toes, buttocks tucked under, abdomen engaged, arms straight, no arching in lumbar spine (lengthen lower back and sacral region)

  • Parivritta Utkatasana(twisted chair pose) x2 hold for 5 breaths.

    Bend knees into Utkatasana, hands at heart centre palms together, exhale and twist from waist to opposite knee, hold for 5 breaths. On second round open arms and extend arm towards ceiling. Ensure knees stay aligned.

     Lay down on back for finishing sequence.


  • Savangasana (shoulder stand) 25 breaths

  • Matsyasana (fish pose) 10 breaths

    This is a counter pose and must be performed and held to prevent injury


  • Sarvasana 5 mins

    Teacher is to navigate students, encouraging complete stillness. Guide students out of pose back to seated position.

  • Namaste

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