Lesson Plan- First timer in Yoga

This is a 60mins lesson plan for first timer in Yoga.
Introduction (10mins)

  • Self Introduction
  • Dispel their fears that they need to be flexible right away in order to start learning yoga.
  • Inquiries regarding students medical history and health condition.
  • Deep breathing

Basic (10mins)

  • Warm up exercises (head to toe)
  • Tadansana, feet together, knee caps lifted, abs and butts engaged, spine erect.
  • Samasthith-Palms press firmly in the heart centre and do 5 deep breathing.

Asanas (30mins)

  • Surya Namasakara A ( Hatha style- 3 sets)-Arms up, fold (use block if cannot fold much) , half way up, bring right leg back follow by left leg(mod, no jumping) chaturanga(with knees down), upward dog(knee,chest,chin on the floor), downward dog on the mat ( mod, straight knees with heels off the mat).
  • Standing forward bend (mod,use block if unable to fold deep) focusing on stretching hamstrings and tendon with straight spine.
  • Virabhadrasana A ( modn, hands on the hip) focus on squaring hip and 90 degree bend angle on the front leg. (right and left side)
  • Dandasana (focus on body perpendicular to the legs, sit with straight legs and suck in belly and chest lifted)
  • Pachimottanasana A (modn, fold forward with the help of towel)

Relax poses (10mins)

  • Child pose
  • Legs up the wall- Go to the wall, lie on the back, bringing the legs up the wall. Keep the upper body supported with the elbows on the floor. Slowly release the elbows and lower the whole back down to the floor and stay.
  • Savasana

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