Lesson Plan – Beginners Class

Focus on joints and balance.
Introduction of self and yoga. Interact and inquire on any injuries or health issues. Explain Balasana ( child pose) as a resting option.
1. Sukhahasana ( easy sitting pose) Say OM three times, to regulate breathing. Keep eyes close so that health issues can be notified in confidential.
2. Goasana ( table pose)
3. Bidalasana ( cow pose)
4. Viralasana ( cat pose)
5. Balasana ( child pose)
Repeat asanas 2-3 with inhalation and exhalation with nose breathing.
6. Goasana ( table pose)
7. Adho Mukha Svanasana ( downward dog)
8. Utthita Ashva Sanchalasana ( low lunge) with right leg then left leg.
From low lunge, straighten the bend leg and bring body upright with inhalation and exhaling, bending the knee at 90 degrees. Repeat three times on each leg. Then bring both feet at top of the mat.
9. Tadasana ( mountain pose)
10. Sahaja Uttanasana ( easy forward bend)
11. Uttanasana ( standing forward bend)
12. Vrikshasana ( tree pose)
Start with right leg up and inhaling, lifting hands and palms together with arms at side of the ears. And exhaling bringing palms to heart centre. Repeat on other leg and three times on each side. Close eyes to challenge yourself on focus and stability.
13. Pawan Muktasana ( knee press with both legs)
14. Chakrasana ( rotation pose with legs)
15. Savasana ( corpse pose)
Bring body to awaken, bow in gratitude and open the floor for any discussion.
Actual number of asanas 12.
3 repeat asanas.
Namaste and thank you

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