Lesson Plan: Beginner





  • Fill out forms covering previous injuries, legal disclaimer
  • Ask students whether they have done yoga before, where, how long and what style
  • Check flexibility with uttanasana and downward dog


  • Welcome to first Yoga class
  • Anybody has any injuries, medical conditions that I should know about? Anybody pregnant?
  • Today we’ll go through a simplified version of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series which is fixed series designed to build strength and flexibility across the whole body
  • At any point in the class, if you need to, take a short break in child’s pose (demonstrate child pose) until you feel comfortable again


  • Take a seat in a comfortable position
  • Begin with 5 deep breaths. Inhale, Exhale (x5)
  • Relax, let your abdomen rise with each inhale and allow your ribs and diaphragm to sink with each inhale
  • 5 more deep breaths (count to 4 for each inhale and exhale. Adjust students if it’s needed)
  • Remember to keep this breath constant throughout your practice
Warm up


  • Turn neck to your right, left, up and down. Adjust the angle of your head until you feel the stretch
  • Turn your head in half circles from left to right and right to left
  • Rotate shoulders backwards and forwards
  • Rotate arms in large circles backwards and forwards to loosen the joints
  • Hands on hips and rotate hips in both directions
  • Hold elbows and hang hand head forwards. Slowly rise up vertebra by vertebra
  • Hands straight over head, palms touching, lean backwards, do not drop neck
  • Stretch quadriceps by holding ankle and pulling against butt. Keep knees inwards
  • Stretch groin muscles by moving from side to side lunges on ankles
  • Alternate forward lunges to stretch hamstrings
  • Stretch calves by stepping 1 heel on the ground in front of the other foot
  • Rotate angles
  • Point and flex toes
  • Raise hands above heads bring them to the grounds and squat down, then stand up to tip toes (about 3 times)


  • Beginner version of suryanamaskar x 3 (left foot lunges back, ashtanga namaskar, cobra pose, downward dog, left foot steps fowards, samasthithi)
  • Standing poses
  1. Uttanasana
  2. Prasarita C
  3. Standing backwards bend- Counter pose (arms up in the air, palms touching)
  4. Uttita Trikonasana (simplify rest hand on shin)
  5. Uttita Parsvakonasana (simplify rest arm on thigh)
  6. Veerabadrasana 1
  7. Tree pose
  • Seated poses
  1. Dandasana (try to raise heels off ground)
  2. Janusirisasana A
  3. Paschiomottansana
  4. Lie on ground, legs up at right angle, raise head + shoulders (x3)
  5. Cobra pose (counter pose)
  6. Marichiasana C – simplify with stop sign or reach toes
Cool down


Supine poses

  1. Hug knees to chest one at a time
  2. Twist knee to sides (keep shoulders on the ground)
  3. Happy baby pose
  4. Pawan muktasana


  • Lie down, feet hip width apart, pointing outwards, palms facing upwards, shoulders tucked in
  • Speak through relaxation of body parts from feet to face

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