Lesson Plan – Advanced

Pigeon Pose
– Move on the top of mat, elbow bends, fingers on shoulders, rotate arms (20 times), rotate on the opposite side (20 times).
– Rotation of arms, 20 times for right side and left side and vice-versa.
– Rotation of two arm at the same time (20 times) and rotation on the opposite side.
Rotation of two arm with towel (20 times)
– Rotation of right hip (20 times), vice-versa rotation (20 times), and change to the left hip.
– Lie down, back on the floor, lift up right leg (90 degree), do rotation.
– Belly on the floor, elbow beside chest, chin down, inhale…lift your upper body up (10 breaths), exhale come back and release.
– Palms beside chest, forehead on the floor, inhale…lift upper body up higher, head up (10 breaths)…exhale…relax, come to child pose.
– Knees down, step right leg forward, inhale… arms up, exhale…bend forward and straight right knee (10 times), and change to other leg.
– From this position, straight left knee, twist the back on the right side, left hand on right knee, right hand on right leg (25 breaths), come back, and now twist the back on the left side, right land on right knee, left hand on left thigh (25 breath). Chang to other leg.
–  Sit down, bend your right knee, left knee straight, bend left knee, left arm hold left foot, turn elbow up, bend back, lift right arm up, try to hold your foot, head up, normal breath. Stay for 5 breaths.

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