Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Our major assignment is to come up with 3 lesson plans in this yoga teacher training course. Getting a good lesson plan done up is crucial as it gives you a base to figure out what you want and what you will be teaching in class. A good lesson plan will included teaching cues on how to get into the pose of asanas, the techniques to perform the poses and also to get out of the pose. Besides that, you have to let students know the benefits of the asanas and also what you can do or not if you have any injuries. This lesson plan deepens our knowledge with regards to how to conduct a class and also concerns for your students.

Lesson plan have to be improved over and over again as when we do trial teaching in class our Masters will be there to guide us on how to improve in our teaching skills. With the feedbacks, we can improve on our teaching practice. Also at the end of the trial teaching, other yoginis will also give their feedbacks for each and every one of us, so we can improve on our self.

I am so delighted that I can start teaching yoga. It has been my dream came true …. I always practiced yoga but didn’t think that I am going to teach in near future. Now, my dream came true. It is such a magical experience.


Venalie Tan (200hr Yoga Teacher Training)


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