Lesson plan

Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (King pigeon pose)
Key points: Stretch triceps, back opening (stretch cervical and lumbar spine), engage core and pelvis to protect our back, stretch quads and hips
Ab work – 10 mins
Warm Up – 10 mins
Cat Cow with opposite leg and hand reach up x 8, last one hook and stretch
Swing arms back and forth x 10
Burpies x 10
Standing spilt x 10
Throat to wall to stretch tricep and cervical spine
Leg stretch – 20 mins
Downward dog grabbing edge of mat, pushing shoulders down, back to normal downward dog
Bring right foot forward between hands, lower back knee to floor, keep toes tucked, stretch arms up and back, engage core
Come on to forearms, lift back knee off leg to Lizard stretch, place forearms down on mat, rock back and forth
Place back knee down, untuck toe, let right knee fall to right side, reach forward with both hands
Right hand reach back to grab left foot, make sure fleshy part of thigh on floor, not knee cap
Press foot against butt to stretch quadriceps
Repeat for Left leg
Back stretch – 5 mins
King pigeon – 10 mins
Variation one – Pigeon with arms up, lean back
Variation two – Pigeon with mermaid arms, face to side at first, then rotate front if possible
Variation three – King pigeon: Rotate palm out, like you are serving someone, grab big toe with thumb on outside, 2 fingers between 2nd and big toe, rotate elbow upwards. Grab toe with both hands and try to touch foot with toe. Engage Mula Bandha and pelvis to balance.
Savasana – 5 mins
Leow Yi Jin

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