Lesson Plan #1: First Timers (by Adeline Choo)

Lesson Plan #1 (1 hour) – First-Timer
 Objectives: stretch hamstrings, tone abs, lymphatic drainage
 Asanas: Padangusthasana (big toes standing forward bend), Navasana (boat), Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)
Class Size:  max. 10 students

5 min Introductions + Enquiries of any medical conditions of the class
10 minBreathing, stretching, rotations, twistings Warm Up :Standing: Breathing – Deep Inhalation & Exhalation (10 breaths)

  • Rotate head slowly (clockwise and anti-clockwise)
  • Circle arms (clockwise, anti-clockwise, alternate rotations of each arm in different directions)
  • Rotate hip, hip flexors, wrists
  • Side twists (x10)
  • Side Bending (x10)
10 minGetting into Padangusthasana > Stand straight and tall in tadasana, feet slightly apart.> Keep spine straight and long, bend forward at the hips at 90° with hands outstretched to the front (tuck tummy in), hold for 5 breaths. Repeat 5 times, each time stretch further towards toes using breath (reach further with each exhalation) to help.> Repeat another 5 times with first 3 fingers trying to grab the big toes. For those who can’t reach, continue to stretch as much as possible using breath to help.
> Remind students to keep spine straight, bend from the hips and tuck tummy in.
> For those who can reach their toes, pull chin closer to shin, bending elbows.
5 minDandasana > Stand straight and tall in Tadasana, feet slightly apart. Breath for 5 long and deep breaths.> Then sit down in dandasana with straight and long spine, legs stretched out in front. Hold for 5 breaths.
5 minNavasana > Keeping spine straight, lift both legs straight up to 45°, leaning back to 45° at the same time. Hold for 5 breaths. Repeat 6 times.
5 minLeg raises in supine position (45° / 90°)  > Lie flat on back, lift both legs straight up to 45°, hold for 5 breaths. Option: may bend legs if cannot keep straight. Keep lower back flat on ground.> Raise straight legs up to 90° and hold for 10 breaths (keep lower back flat on the ground). Option: may bend legs slightly.
10 minSalamba sarvangasanaFish Pose
Side twist with knees bent
> Lift both legs straight up towards head (and upwards towards ceiling) using both hands to support at the upper back.> Rest weight on shoulders, squeeze should blades together and move elbows closer towards each other.  Hold for 15 breaths.> Keep hips in line with shoulder and keep both legs directly straight up. Option: hips may be further away from shoulders, using both hands to support back, if unable to lift to align with shoulders.
> Release pose by supporting back to gently roll down towards mat on the ground.
> Fish pose (counter-pose) – hold for 10 breaths. Release gently, taking care of head and neck.
> Hug knees to chest and roll gently for a few times.
Side twist with knees bent (release tension in the back):

  • Still lying on flat back, hands outstretched on each side, bend knees 90° and drop to one side, both shoulders on the ground, gaze towards other side. Hold for 10 breaths.
  • Repeat with knees dropped to other side and gaze at opposite side of knees. Hold for 10 breaths.
8 min Savasana (Relax)
2 min > ‘Awaken’ and sit in comfortable cross-legged position.> Put palm together and bow “Namaste’.> Ask if there are any questions and clarifications. Encourage students to come forward to ask questions.

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