Learning from the Guru and Yoga Masters

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“ I am the best” – Yoga Master Paalu
“Narrow thoughts to thoughts that progress you” – Yoga Master Paaulu
“ Develop Your own Practice “ – Yoga Master Satya Wei Ling

I joined the 200 Teachers Training Course to better myself (physically, mentally and spiritually).

So the focus is for me to be trained, before I can train others. To be a capable teacher and be able to impart knowledge, training from masters and gurus is key. Before becoming a teacher, I need to learn and do the asanas, pranayamas, theory and be able to teach. Learning has been a challenging experience with Masters Paalu and Wei Ling.

Asanas for someone my age (who has spent the last 15++ years focused in an office-bound career and family) mainly sitting through meetings and late night calls means my back/shoulders, hip flexors and pretty much other parts of my body need significant conditioning. It has been a challenge but this is part of me “fixing” my body’s capability. To be able to attempt and (sometimes) do the headstand/handstand…among other poses is my biggest and proudest achievement. Who knew? It’s a combination of mind strength (I can do it, I am the best) and body capability.

Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation, is something I’ve always been interested in. Learning how do to it properly helps to manage my stress, difficulty in sleeping and to address the key thoughts in my monkey mind. I have been able to sleep earlier and for 7-8 hours… for the first time in so many years. This is definitely a start to better “mind health” and body. After all, the teacher has to set the tone and be a good example.

Learning the theory around Duty/Dharma, the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga/Raja Yoga, the 3 GUNAS, chakras has been very interesting. It helps me to step back and reflect on my way of life and look at it from a different perspective.

I am looking forward to an enhanced new way of life with the instilled yogic discipline and knowledge. There is so much to apply and still learn/absorb. This is the start of a lifelong journey for myself (personally and as future guru) and my future students.

“Much you still have to learn old padawan….this is just the beginning” – Yoda
“To be a Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Choose the Light, or darkness Padawan. Be the candle, or the night” – Yoda

Rowena Chuabio