What I learn from Yoga

1. I learn to keep breathing.
Consistent breathing is one of the element during asana practice. It eases and relaxes the body so that the poses and movement are carried out smoothly. It calms the mind when getting into uncomfortable poses. It helps to keep my mind clear and firm when facing with real life problem.
Personally, I view time as a nature healer and breath moves with time. As a situation can never be in the same state forever, emotion or sufferings come and go as we breath. So breathing reminds me that those trouble will eventually be over. It is just a matter of time.
2. I learn to observe without judgement.
Swadhyaya practice is self study or self reflection. By observing my actions, I get to know myself better; how I relate to myself and to other people. Thus, gain more control over my words, actions, thoughts and emotions.
I like things to be in control. I get frustrated easily when things are out of control. Cultivating this observation makes me aware of the change in my emotions. This helps to pull myself out of frustration immediately before harsh words are blurted out.
3. I learn to keep it up
I still remember the day when  I could not even push myself up from knee, chest, chin but wanted to get into chaturanga so badly. My teacher told me to start small every morning. Seriously, I did not have much expectation on the outcome because I knew how bad my body strength endurance was. To my delight, I got it after 3 months of following his way. It really teaches me to take it easy, keep it up and the process will take care of the outcome. In fact, I find that confidence comes from constant practice and confident people worry less. So keep it up, and you will be happier!
Tong Wei, Nov 2015

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