Kurmasana (tortoise pose)

The yogi looks to be more like the calm, cool, collected reptiles and amphibians. Thus more relaxed, steady and ready for any situation. Poses like ardha kurmasana (half tortoise) are designed for just that. The head is below the heart, forehead resting on the floor, back spine and neck are elongated and relaxed.~ Theresa M
Chakra: Vishuddha
Dristi: Third eye
Your abdominal organs are gently massaged, as you bend your hip and stretch your spine. Being a ground hugging forward bend the blood circulation to your brain and to the spine, hips, thighs increases. Due to the added flow of blood to the brain and sinuses, it also builds your body’s resistance to sinusitis.

  1. Aids prevention of Diabetes and diseases of the stomach.
  2. Helps reduce obesity


  1. patients suffering from postural vertigo or sharp variations in blood pressure

Stretch your legs forward while seated comfortably.
Spread your legs to a distance wider than hip width apart.
Bend knees slightly and anchor heels
Bend forward and slide shoulders under the knees
Stretch arms to the sides with palms pressed facing down
The ideal time for you to do this exercise early morning on an empty stomach. Do it  before having your bed tea or breakfast. But if you need to do it during the daytime then you should allow for a gap of five hours to elapse after having meals. An Asana to be mastered!

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