Kriyafantastic – The Art of Sutra Neti

Clogged nostrils? Sinus headaches? Want to get further into your asanas? Sutra neti cleansing is for you.
I was first introduced to sutra neti a few years ago while visiting friends back in LA. One of my girlfriends was raving about her neti pot. Blah blah blah – “my neti pot” this and “my neti pot” that. She’s a crazy redhead like myself who has suffered with nasal allergies all of her too. We share these things in common. It may have been after the sixth day of her going on about her neti pot that I decided it was worth buying one .
It sat in the cupboard for 19 months.
It made the move from LA to London to Hong Kong with me.
I had always justified not using it because it was easier for me to take a pill than to pour salinated water up my nose.
Once I became pregnant, my doctor’s orders gave the kibosh on my beloved allergy meds, so I once and for all decided to take the neti pot out of the cupboard and give it a go.
I hated it.
I threw it out.
Another 10 months later, I found myself in Singapore, looking through our Yoga Philosophy coursebook’s section on Kriyas. Fate had given me a reason to pick up a neti pot once again. After all, it can’t be that healthy for my liver for me to continually pop allergy pills, right?
Our master trainers instructed us on the philosophy of sutra neti kriya, enabling me a better understanding of the proper ritual. Hands on instruction of the technique also enabled me a proper Q and A for sutra neti kriya.
I am now a convert.
Coincidentally, it became more difficult to get my allergy pills over the counter in Singapore, and I didn’t have the luxury of always paying a visit to my doctor for a prescription, so my neti pot gets adequate usage these days. I tend to feel fresher after using it.
Thank you master trainers for introducing me to a drug-free method to alleviate my sinus allergies!