Knowing to Understanding

Various teachers, books and youtube videos have once told me that your body has its own intelligence, it is learning things in ways that your mind is not aware of. To really achieve that mind body connection you need to first respect your body as a fully functioning individual. 

But knowing something doesn’t necessarily mean understanding it. For me, what was missing was one experience.

It’s been a while since I first started working on the crow pose and I was able to observe very little improvement. At first, you are able to persuade yourself that you have been learning, you are just taking tiny steps that are not obvious. However, soon frustration builds up and I started pushing my body until I started collapsing and falling out of balance. Out of annoyance as well as physical pain, I stopped for a few days.

Then, last Saturday, I attempted at the pose again alone in my room. After a proper warm up, and assistance using a pile of books, I came up on my arms as usual. Now the tricky part is to hold the pose. After one breath, I felt my body tilting forward, and just when my mind thought this is the end of it, my body started adjusting itself. My weight shifted backwards, my core tightened before my mind could give that command.

After all, my body has learned in its own way, bit by bit. Now I truly understand what it means by saying that your body has its own intelligence.


by Ivora


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