King of Asanas, Sirsasana

The headstand, one asana that i have not tried despite practicing yoga for 4-5 years. This is also one pose that many studios out there fear to teach it to the students. Inevitably, i was breaking out in cold sweat when i was first asked to perform it in class. Imagine supporting yourself only on the forearms, legs hanging in the air, the feeling of inbalance, the feeling of fear comes naturally.
However, this is also one inversion that provides tons of benefits to the body magically!

  • Awakening the sahasrara chakra which in turn help calms the brain and relieves stress and mild depression
  • By being in an inverted position, it allows the reverse flow of blood in the legs and visceral regions which aids tissue regeneration, thus allowing the removal of the unsightly visceral veins

Many a times, people tend to rush into going into the pose, like i did initially. So, we forget all about the help from the other parts of our body other than supporting on the forearms. However, the most important thing to do here is to squeeze the abdominal muscles as much as possible to raise the second leg up with full control. Once we get that up, all the weight will be distributed out evenly and thus the balance will come.
With this, this pose also aids in,

  • Toning of the arms, abs, legs muscles
  • Improves digestion

Now that I am getting the gist of this ‘King’, holding it in place for 20- 30 seconds, can really make a difference to the whole body. Once your up with full balance, the legs no longer are a hindrance, they would be feeling as light as feather and the whole body is just relaxing itself while you remove more CO2 out of the body.
The magic of just one pose.

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