Kid at Heart

Happiness can be defined and felt in many ways, it’s a different experience for everyone. More often than not, our happiness is short-lived, it goes as quickly as it comes, but we are always trying to get more of it.
As we grow older, it seems harder to gain happiness, the same things that made us happy when we were younger just doesn’t seem to work anymore. We keep searching for happiness in forms of material possessions without realizing how temporary that kind of happiness tends to be. We are never satisfied or content with what we have.
I, too, want happiness, I want to be happy and radiate happiness to the people around me. I once told myself “I hope as I grow older, I’ll still always be intrigued by the littlest of things.”
I used to be embarrassed because I felt that if something so little and mundane could spark some kind of interest in me, it would make me seem childish and naive. Just like a child, they find everything around them interesting, they don’t have ulterior motives nor do they care what others think.
Sree said that the key to being happy is to be like a child. As how a child would have no thoughts troubling them and no worries circling their brain every moment, children are professionals at living in the present moment. All they do is a reflection of what we do with and to them. If you smile, they smile back; if you laugh they laugh along;
Instead of constantly searching for happiness out there, tune in to yourself and try to find it within. Happiness is always with us, we just have too many things blocking and resisting it. Stay a kid at heart, and happiness will always be felt. Laugh more, smile more, try and remember what it was like being a kid with no worries. Try and always keep that kid within you, perhaps happiness isn’t that hard to achieve.