Karnapidasana (Ear Squeeze Pose) is an asana in the Finishing Sequence. It looks like a pretty easy pose, but if not done correctly may cause strain on the upper back and neck muscles. Let’s take a closer look at the pose.
From Halasana (Plow Pose), bend the legs and bring the knees to either side of the head. Squeeze the ears with the knees and press the knees to the floor. With no change from Plow Pose, arms are extended and placed on the floor (with fingers inter-laced) .
The Joints Action are (1) Spinal flexion (2) Scapula retraction (3) Hip flexion (4) Knee flexion (5) Ankle plantarflexion
The following major muscles are lengthened during the pose (1) Erector Spinae (2) Gluteus Medius (3) Gluteus Maximus (4) Biceps Femoris
The following major muscles are shortened during the pose (1) Trapezius (2) Rhomboids (3) Rectus Femoris (4) Gastrocnemius & Soleus
When performing this pose, it is important to focus on Scapula retraction (round/lift the chest). This will prevent compression of the cervical vertebrae and also enable smooth breathing. Arms placed on the floor can also be pressed down further to help in rounding/lifting the chest.
Remember to warm up sufficiently as this pose require lengthening of key muscles in our body – back and leg muscles.
Happy practising. Namaste.

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