Karma Yoga in Combating Stress

Mandy Neo, 200 hr (Nov 2015)
Karma Yoga in Combating Stress
Apart from exercising, the path of karma yoga is useful in today’s world as there is human conflicts prevalent in today’s society be it at work, in school or at home etc.
Practicing Karma means not be bothered about what happens in your environment, do not bother about politics, gossips, unconsructive critisms but rather act to enhance oneself to progress and in the process enhance all others around us rather than being affected by our environment.
To prevent ourselves from being wavered by our mind that is constantly fluctuating with thoughts due to ever changing environment is to to dedicate ourselves to a more noble and value creative goal of creating good for others.
Foe e.g we study so that we will not become cleaner vs a more noble goal that we study so that we become people of true abilities who can contribute to mankind.
When we focus ourselves in a noble goal, we will not be easily swayed by information that we are subjected via our five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
Hence be enthusiastic , and be exicited about whatever that you are doing and let your full potential shines forth!

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