Many of us used to think that: life is too short, so don’t think too much and just do thing which is best for us first in this life!
Others may just easily release: oh, my action is not relating  to any body else nor effecting to any other people nor thing!
They would be totally regretted if they have a chance to see things from a larger vision…
Nature has its rules and all the Universe acts following these rules including human being: Cause & Effect, Balance, Compensation, Circle of Life… are some of its.
Look at this story: Suddenly an elephant  use the trunk to knock the mahout ( person to train elephant) down on floor and kill him – this happened because the elephant obtains the very long memory and he remembered the bad action of the mahout since many years ago!
Actually, the mahout may not be killed if he was not treating badly to his elephant, this is very clear and easy to understand.
Every single thought or action always relates to the Past, Present and Future.
Since we were born, we have already accommodated all the Past (previous lives), then it happens at our Present (now) and will create the consequence in the Future (including the next lives).
“Karma” initially from “Kri” in Sanskrit means “Action” or “Deed”.
Karma is the accumulated results from all the actions in the previous lives (Past) and the Present life!
Therefore, Karma relates and contains 3 kinds:

  • Sanchita: total karma from the Past
  • Prarabdha: the karma portion to be happened in the Present life
  • Agami: the karma created from the current actions and will be happened in the Future

So each action NOW will cause a result (good or bad) in the FUTURE ( could be happened in this life or in the coming life) – and you know, it could be happened to our next generation ( our children).
Understand this rule of Nature, we would need to alert all the time to control our thoughts, words and actions in the correct way!
And YOGA practice is the very BEST solution!
Kind Regards,
PhamQuangThu, Bhairava

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