Kapha is also naturally calm, thoughtful and loving… [Nga]

When I studied about digestive system in 200hr YTTC, Paalu told us about the type of people. People is usually mixed between 3 types vata, pita, kapha. And Im a really kapha people, it means kapha is dominant in me.
Luckily, Paalu is also a very kapha people, so I had chance to hear he analysed about him and recognised that it completely same with my character.
The fact make me feel most exciting that Im [and Paalu, of course] is very lazy! 🙂 It doesn’t mean that we’re useless. We don’t wanna be lazy, that’s just our type and we have to accept it, and live with it. But differences between dacha people is that when they know they’re lazy, and then what they do to be useful! 🙂 I and Paalu has same solution for ourselves. We always put us in hard conditions that make us always move forward. And the results are Paalu is one of the most famous yoga teacher in SEA, and Im here, in this course to challenge myself. Hope i will pass the final exam of this course.
Beside laziness, kapha is also naturally calm, thoughtful and loving. I know more about physical characteristics, emotional characteristic, and how to be balance, and nutritional guidelines. Im so happy to understand myself more.

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