Kapalabhathi Pranayama

Kapalabhathi was one of the first few terms taught to us on the first day of this TTC course and I became fascinated by this whole new world of breathing techniques. There are many different types of kriyas and they are devised to help one with their overall well-being.


Kapalabhathi in direct translations means “Skull Shining”. With regular practise of this pranayama, your forehead is said to glow not only from the outside, your mind also becomes sharp and clear.


How to do Kapalabhathi?

  1. Sit up tall in Sukhasana, place palms on your knees.
  2. Inhale deeply through both nostrils and expand lungs with air. (Passive inhalation)
  3. Exhale quickly and sharply as you pull your stomach in towards your back. (Active exhalation)
  4. Immediately start to inhale again after exhalation
  5. Repeat this cycle for 20 times before coming to regular breathing

This exercise definitely required some getting used to, or at least for myself.


Benefits of Kapalabhathi Pranayama

  • This exercise generates heat, which helps to dissolve toxins in the body
  • It improves blood circulation and digestion
  • It improves the function of kidneys and liver
  • It will help to activate the chakras in your body
  • Your mind will be clear and concentration levels will improve



Ensure you are well before practicing Kapalabhathi. It can cause dizziness, hypertension or hernia.

Heart patients should go slow on exhale

It is encouraged to have an empty stomach before practising this Kriya

Avoid this technique if you are pregnant or menstruating

Be careful during this exercise if you suffer from respiratory issues or high blood pressure