(kak = “crow”)



Stand in Tadasana and squat down with your feet slightly apart


Put your hands on the floor, fingers open and pointing forward (hands should be shoulder width apart or slightly wider), press the upper arms against the inside of the thighs


Bend the elbow slightly and place the upper part of your arm (triceps) on your inner thighs

Gaze forward to a point approx. 50 – 80 cm away from you


Shift your weight slowly forward over your hands and lift up onto your toes until you feel that your feet come off the ground, balance

Point your toes and move the big toes together

Hold for 5 – 8 breaths all the while squeezing your inner thighs against the sides of your torso, squeeze your shins into your triceps and suck the abdominal muscles inwards


Exhale and gradually lower the feet back to the ground





Muscles engaged:

All muscles of the shoulder girdle and the upper arms

Core muscles



Strengthens the shoulders, arms and wrists

Strengthens the core muscles

Improves balance



People with wrist problems (carpal tunnel syndrome)

Pregnant women


How to deepen the pose:

Try to straighten your arms as much as possible



Gaze forward in front of you, not down below you or back on your feet

Don’t compress your neck

If there is too much pressure on the wrist, try to curl the fingers slightly instead of placing them flat




(crow pose vs. crane pose)



Kakasana                                                                     Bakasana


arms bent at an angle of approx. 120 degreees         arms are straight


upper arms and elbows are resting                             knees are resting in the armpits

on the shins


knees are out to the side                                                knees are pointing forward


hips are low                                                                      hips are high



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