Just one millimeter

I felt this second week of the Yoga Teacher Training more focused on the body. With the alignment of the postures, the knowledge of the skeletal system, the joints functions and the muscles.

In parallel, my own body gave me a hard time between aches, limitations and on Friday, my right side completely blocked after a beginner mistake during a shoulder stand. Well done !

Outside of those considerations, this week was a constant wonder of what a human body is. How it is constituted, how it works, but especially how it can be improved, how we made it stronger or more flexible, and even sometimes, how to heal it through the practice of yoga.

I can only see it on my own body. I experience the improvement day after day. If I see my downward facing dog of the first day and the same asana after two weeks of practice, it’s not the same. Definitely.

I am really far from all those examples of contortionism that we see sometimes. It does not matter because I finally have the feeling of having reintegrated my own body. I catch myself thinking : “Hello stranger👋! Ooooh you’re finally back! I lost you little by little on the way because of what is called “life”. Nice to meet you again. Above all, stay and continue like this.”

Yes, I feel that I have reintegrated my own body. Day after day, practice after practice, millimeter after millimeter 📏. Luckily, the human body is resilient.

What amazed me most and what I remember from this second week is the precision of yoga. Moving your hand or foot a few millimeters, trying to stretch millimeter after millimeter, completely changes the effect of a posture. Until now, I was intellectually conscious of this, but I was just unable to feel the effects of such precision.

Just with one millimeter and despite the body aches, my appreciation for yoga is deeper. And for sure, I believe that the nature does things well.