Just do it

This Nike’s trademark helps me to deal with my self-doubt. Sometimes in life, I feel hesitate to take the first step. There are many ‘What If’ questions drowning my mind once I decided to do something out of my comfort zone.

Before writing this article, it took me so long thinking about what I should write. There were many questions in my mind that prevent me to start: what if the article turns out to be very boring to read, what if people do not understand my writing, what if people disagree with my idea, and many more what ifs. I have spent so much time just to think about these stupid questions. These are the answers to my stupid questions. First, I will never know how it turns out if I never write down the first word. The first step is always the most crucial one. Second, everyone was born to learn. Babies learn to walk, jump, and run by falling down so many times before they can finally do it fluently. As people getting older, they feel more hesitate to learn new things because they are afraid of falling. Third, people have their right to speak up what is in their mind. I cannot control what people say, do, or think about me. What I can control is my reaction in that situation.

It has been a week since I started my yoga teacher training. I did not have any background whatsoever in fitness industry. I want to do this teacher training merely because I love how yoga helps me to connect with myself and feel good inside out. Some people in my life doubted that doing the teacher training will be beneficial for me in the future. I have always been a people pleaser. I sometimes ignore my inner voice to avoid conflict with others. Now, I am very proud of myself by having the courage to just do what I wanted to do regardless of other people opinion. Although the first week training was hard for me, I am still happy that I can have this beautiful experience in my life  🙂



200hr Weekday (Nov-Dec 2013)

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