The Joy of Yoga Sequencing

One of the greatest thing I enjoyed about the 200YTT course was learning how to plan a yoga class and choreographing the yoga sequence. It taught me to appreciate each Asana more, to learn more in depth about the muscle involvements, benefits and contraindications. In addition to this, it taught me to see and understand the connection between different Asanas which had the ability to make a lot of difference in a class. This could result in the class flowing smoothly, leaving students feeling great and recharged or flowing with much disruption.   

Yoga sequencing has helped me in developing a ‘deliberate practice’. More often than not, there are times I go through the motion of things without much thought. However, sequencing has motivated me to think and question the purpose of my practice, to explore my strengths and weaknesses and to find out areas that require more improvement. With this, it has allowed me to use and incorporate these tiny lessons from my practice into a class for others.

Another aspect of yoga sequencing that I enjoy a lot is that despite having certain guidelines such as following the template of a ‘standing-sitting-prone-supine’ structure, there is much room for creativity and experimentation. There are many variations one can have and it truly is fascinating to have others share their yoga sequence and how they approach their practice.

Therefore, there is much joy in the art of yoga sequencing. To me, Yoga sequencing is like the composition of music, except with the use of poses in state of notes. There is much opportunity to create something beautiful and moreover, something that has a lifelong benefit for the individual.

Looking forward to developing a deeper personal practice and planning for others in the future 🙂 

Linda Lim (YTTC200 – January 2018)

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