It's a journey

When I started my course TTC I have to admit that I was hoping by the end of it my yoga would be a lot more advanced than it was before I started.
5 weeks later and my views are a little different……After 5 weeks of studying yoga 5hrs a day I have learnt some very valuable lessons. I have learnt about the philosophy of yoga, the anatomy of yoga and I have learnt that yoga is not all about how advanced your poses are.
Sure it feels good when you conquer that difficult asana that you have been practicing for months and you finally get it. What I didn’t really think about before I started this course is that when you see your yoga teachers or all those Instagram pictures and videos of fit young people twisting themselves into advanced poses you really have to remember that they were all beginners at some point. Sure some people find it easier than others like my 6yr old son who seems to be able to bend and twist into just about any pose I throw at him. But there are also lots of people out there like me who still cannot do a headstand and struggle with arm balancing poses and have hips that are a little too tight but I am working at it and eventually it will come. It’s ok that I am still working on it. The most important thing is that I started and I will continue to work on it. I saw a quote that I really liked “Fall in love with the process and the results will come” so that is where I am at, falling in love with the process and realizing that there is so much more to yoga than how far you can bend and twist or how long you can balance.
Yoga is not about competition or forcing yourself into those difficult poses or holding it for longer just because the girl in class next to you is doing it. Asana practice is only a fraction of yoga. Yoga is a journey a way of life. It is about being content with yourself and letting go of your ego.

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