My journey with yoga and yoga TTC

I got in touch with yoga more than 10 years’ ago when I was in university. At that time, I had the feeling that yoga is chic, yet looks boring. The movement also appears quite slow.  I was not a big fan of it as I was always looking for something more interesting. When I was studying my PhD in NTU, there was this popular yoga video course by a Korean star. This video was promoted as a good way to make you get slimmer. Together with some of my friends, I practiced according to the video for a few months. I did feel quite relaxed after practicing it, but the slimming effect is not obvious. In the end, we didn’t continue.  Then yoga practice became an on-off activity for me with off-time much longer than on-time. My practice is limited to following up the online videos.  After graduation and a few years’ working, my fitness level drop to a pretty low level and I felt tired even when I held up high the hair curling irons for even short periods.  I started to jog. Jogging is good but it is not very useful to build strength of different parts of body. Then I started to think more seriously about yoga. One of the most important reasons is that I was looking for something to be practiced life-long time. I also felt that it’s not effective to follow up on-line video and I was eager to learn yoga systematically. Then I heard from one of my friend that her friend has become a yoga teacher. I was pretty surprised and also asked myself that if I want to learn yoga systematically, why not signing up a yoga teacher’s training course?

I am really happy that I made the right decision to be enrolled in the 200Hours TTC at Tirisula. The course taught me a few things which make me fall in love with yoga.

  1. Yoga asanas are combination of strength and flexibility. Different asanas target different group of muscles, either stretching or contracting. In this way, a well-rounded practice can be formed to build a strong and flexible body.
  2. Yoga asanas are not only about muscles, but also the theories on digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system and etc. I am fascinated about how twisting can help to massage on your internal organs. You cannot imagine there are so much knowledge behind each one of the asanas, such as alignment, techniques, benefits and cautions.  Even for a simple asana like tadasana.
  3. Rome cannot be built in one day. I really enjoy going through all small improvements. With the accumulated strength and flexibility, some time you will be very surprised by how differently you feel when you try asanas you’ve practiced so many times before.
  4. The last one which is the most important one is that yoga is not only about physical health, but the union of body, mind and soul. The philosophy behind yoga teaches me to be true to myself, to make no judgment and to look deeper inward to myself. I am looking forward to ageing gracefully with yoga.

By Sophia WEI,

Jan-May, 200Hrs Weekend TTC

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