My Journey To Yoga

My journey to Yoga started in a rather uneventful way: I was a wide-eyed 21 year old fresh out of university and about to embark on the path of corporate slavedom in Melbourne. As with most impressionable 20-somethings, I jumped onto the Yoga bandwagon – which was all the craze after the book Eat, Pray, Love became an international phenomenon. Yoga studios popped up on every corner (mostly, Bikram Yoga) offering 10-day free introductory passes. I hopped from hot yoga studio to studio until I had exhausted every almost every free trial and eventually bought a membership. Not long after, I started to find the classes monotonous and lost interest, moving on to more inexpensive forms of exercise like running and home gym. I attended yoga classes with friends now and then but it wasn’t until two years ago in 2014 that I found my way back to the practice.

As much as I enjoyed the intellectual challenges of my work as a management consultant, I started to find that my work was beginning to define me. I spent most of my days behind a desk, chained to a laptop, pouring my energy into spreadsheets and Powerpoint decks, and measuring my productivity by the number of meetings I had scheduled in my Outlook calendar. I lived out of a suitcase Monday to Friday and could count the nights that I had the luxury of sleeping in my own bed. I needed a discipline outside of my usual work routine to stay healthy, connected and more importantly, human. Yoga was the obvious choice given my frequent travel. I started attending yoga classes on weekends and followed YouTube videos during the week. Slowly, I began to look forward to having that 30-45 minutes each day to connect with myself both physically and mentally.

Although my “Very Basic” Yoga practice kept me relatively sane, my demanding schedule continued to take its toll and I eventually found myself burnt-out, lacking clear vision and at a major crossroads in my life. I summoned up the courage to request for a 2-month sabbatical and embarked on my mini Eat, Pray, Love journey of self-discovery. Serendipitously, I found my way to Tirisula Yoga’s 200 Hour Teaching Course and can confidently say has been one of the most deeply rewarding experiences of my life to date. It’s been a humbling yet empowering journey and I look forward to continuing this journey for the years to come.

Natalie Lee

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