My journey of yoga

started as a 24 year old living in Denmark, with my first teacher “Tinne” from Scandinavian Yoga School.

Her introduction to yoga for a beginner like me was a gentle eye opener. Her style was slow and thorough without shying away from more difficult poses and with an emphasis on guided concentration exercises and easy Pranayama exercises.

Now 20 years later, I can still hear her voice telling me to be gentle on myself and to redirect my focus back to my breath.


A lot has happened during those past 20 years. I have moved around and lived and worked in 6 different countries. I worked on fulfilling my career ambitions, I got married and we have been blessed with two children.

During this time I have had 11 yoga teachers – all with different styles and different levels of experiences. And I have learned something from all of them.


Very typically for my age, I am now taking stock and wondering if I did it all – or if something is missing. Have I really found my calling in life?

As Master Paalu put the question to us during the Kundalini course: “Am I of use to myself, my family and my community?”

So a lot of soul searching is going on inside. And to help me in this process I signed up for the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Tirisula Yoga.

So what have I learned so far:

  1. That I have been too lazy and too soft on myself for the past many years when it comes to my physical fitness and flexibility. I can see now that I have used my children as an excuse for not having time to focus on yoga.
  2. That my current status of stiff hips and inflexible back might be trying to tell me something about myself.

Have my bonding with my children, and my fear on their behalf, implanted itself in my hips? Am I unwilling to open up my chest and expose my heart chakra, because I felt let down in the past?

Whatever the reasons, it must be time to face these feelings and time to move on. This could possibly free up some energy to find my right livelihood in life and try to be of more use in my community. Maybe my right livelihood is connected to yoga!?


What lies ahead in my journey of yoga? I would like to use yoga to explore my mental awareness and try to explore my spiritual awareness. On my way I am using Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, as a symbol to drive my willpower.


Kirsten Newbigging

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