My Journey of Yoga

I started practicing yoga 8 years ago when I was in Shanghai,  I had a private instructor who came over to my house to teach me. I’m not a sporty person, in fact, I am quite lazy. I didn’t like any exercise and my biological clock was all messed up. I didn’t go to bed till 2-3 in the morning and didn’t wake up till noon. I was sick all the time and was very unhealthy.
One day, one of my friends told me to try taking yoga lessons, she said it would help me to become healthier. I used to have very tight muscles but after taking yoga , my muscles stretched out a lot and is more flexible than before. Now I can even bend over and split my legs wide open.
There’s one thing I’d like to suggest to people who have no experience for doing head stands. You need to find a qualified instructor to guide you on how to do it. I got a neck injury by doing this pose because I was rushing too fast without balancing myself so I fell over. I didn’t pay too much attention to it till I moved to Singapore then I found out I pinched a nerve on 4th disk and went to have surgery 6 month ago, but I’m still practicing at home by myself after the surgery.
I’ve always loved yoga, it is the only exercise I enjoy,  it’s why I signed up for this 200hrs. course.  I would like the people around me to be influenced by me and encourage them to do it. Yoga can not only keep people young and remain healthy, but if I can do it I believe everybody can do it too.

Katrina Matis

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