My Journey to Yoga & 200YTT

Oh well, flying around the world may seems like a dream job to everyone. Unfortunately, many does not know the back scene act where we have a multipurpose job title from butler, to factory workers, to toilet cleaners, to heavy weight lifters etc.. I may be having my dinner in Singapore, supper at 35,000ft, and breakfast in Paris. But it comes with a big price tag which I love to call them “best friends”. 1st on the list is weak indigestion system, then of course Mr. FAT tissues (which I always try to hide in my tailor made uniform).
As I mentioned earlier, we are a part time heavy weight lifter which lifting passenger heavy bags to the overhead compartment gain me a few more “best friends”, bad knee & back problems. Then I realized I have to do something about it to get rid some of this “best friends”. Yes of course every hotel has a gym, but I love my room too much to leave.
Back when I started flying, portable DVD player is at the top of the check list. So apart of my drama series, I started collecting yoga DVD to bring them along as I travel. I thought “nah yoga is good for lazy people like me, does not need to move beyond the mat, and I’m still working out which is good for my guilty conscious(I love to eat)”. I WAS SO DAMN WRONG, it’s like every body part has a brain of its own. They don’t listen to me and doesn’t work well with each others.
Well, eventually I fell in love with yoga. I started joining Yoga Boutique around Singapore trying to find myself a perfect match for a good satisfying class. Over these few years I have been practicing on and off and also realizing that just practicing in studios or with online videos (yes portable DVD player is so obsolete) no longer satisfied me as the knowledge pass along are so limited. At the same time flying around with different time zone and demanding work load is making me falling ill all the time.
Therefore, I decided to take it to the next level. Which bring me to the journey of yoga teacher training to gain more knowledge and awareness of what am I putting my body through, which I totally love love love!
It’s coming to the end of 4th week, found two new best friend called 5.30am alarm clock & PAIN. It’s a good pain and I’m loving it so it’s perfect. I never knew my love for yoga is so great that I actually wake up even before the alarm rings and willing to take a 50mins journey to yoga school. I am so officially having a scandal with you YOGA.
XOXO From Evelyn

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