Journey to be a Yoga Teacher

Two years ago, the desire and interest to become a Yoga teacher is not pronounced . I keep asking myself, the desire to become a teacher because I inspire to teach one day or it just a fall back plan when I decided to quit my glamours, high flying corporate career. These thoughts have been evolving for almost over two years. It is just a dilemma, when you have a busy career, you have money but no time for anything. When you have the world of time, you might be at the situation of tightening your belt. I continue to lives through those busy days, just full of politics, emptiness and insecurity. Comfort point is that I still managed to put time aside for myself to practice Yoga.
Again out of nowhere, I saw the schedule that fit perfectly between home and job. In the midst of moving on to a new role, I am quite sure now that the desire to acquire this skill set in teaching yoga is not a fall back plan. It is something additional that I wanted to have and build for myself. I just couldn’t explain it. It is really the thought of THE TIME IS RIGHT ! JUST DO IT !
Now that I am approaching the final phase of the training programs with this final article, the urge of becoming a Yoga teacher is stronger then ever and the zest and desire to keep learning and improving got lighten up. I came to realize that training is coming to the end, the journey of teacher has just began and it will be up to me to light that path. Though I have gone through the intensive training and examinations, I am still far from the Yoga teacher that I inspire myself to be. To be honest, I am really overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge that were piled up just for three weeks. I will never discover the complexity of human bodies and developed keen interest in Anatomy and Physiology, creating more self awareness of our bodies and application in Yoga asanas. I will never been able to understand the Yoga philosophy which guide the ethnics in our practice connecting our physical and astral bodies. It is a long and interesting journey of continuous learning in these areas.
I have to put up a plan to continue my practice, deepen my learning and hopefully one day utilize this skill that I have for healing (for special kids and old age) as a form of contribution back to the community. I will start teaching for sure as I will learn along the way as I teach. But I just do not want to be the mechanics Yoga teacher, giving instructions in the room without connecting the words with actions, soul and mind with the students. Energy, physical body and all rounded knowledge flow together hand in hand.
Lastly, I love this quote and like to share with all of you – “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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