My Journey to a healthier lifestyle


Growing up in a family with Renal and Heart diseases, I always wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. With my busy schedule and eating out most of the time has make it really hard to live the way I would love to.

My dad has been a Renal patient for 20 yrs. Seeing him going through the pain on each dialysis is really heart aching. I told myself I wouldnt want to experience it. The thought of sitting for 4 hrs each session is bad enough and not forgetting the thick needle piercing through my artery each time. I told myself I have to make fast decision as I am reaching my hawaii five O (50 years Old) very soon.

Practicing yoga was always in my thought but with my tight schedule and many excuses, I have never started all these years. This year 2015 I decided that I have to really make effort and commitment to get started. Signing up this YTT course was definitely the right choice. Its has trained me to be discipline to get myself out of bed by 5am each day and start the yoga training by 7.30am. It was indeed a great start for a healthy lifestyle. Getting up early and sleeping early.

Its been four weeks into my Yoga teacher training. Before this course, I never thought that I will be able to do a headstand. I have so much fear of breaking my back and neck but on the third week, I was so proud of myself of being able to do a 10 sec headstand against the wall. What an achievement!

With my daily practice, I could see obvious improvement in my strength and flexibility. I have noticed each day I could get deeper into the poses that had seemed impossible. I could see my mind change as well. Just like anything in life, true change requires commitment. I realised that for me to experience all the joys and benefits of yoga and to change myself for the better, inside and out, I needed to look at yoga as a lifestyle rather than a workout with constantly practices yama and Niyama towards the best version of myself on a consistent basis.



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