On my journey without destination

Om shanti shanti shanti …..

When my first time hear this song from tirisula .i know i am on my way to become the true yogi.

Most of the people think of yoga only as physical exercise ,but for me yoga is an art as well as science.It is a science ,because it offers practical methods for controlling body and mind,thereby making deep meditation possible.And it is an art for unless it is practiced intuitively and sensitively it will yield only superficial results.

Yoga is not a system of beliefs .it takes into account the influence on each other of body and mind and brings them into mutual harmony .So often ,for instance ,the mind cannot concentrate simple because of tension or illness in the body,which prevent the energy from flowing to the brain .So often ,too,the energy in the body is weakened because the will is dispirited,or paralyzed by harmful emotions.

Now yoga has become an essential part of my life.The regular practice of asana ,and the breathing exercise(pranayama) makes my mind clean ,body getting strong ,and healthy ,relieve my stress,keep all system in radiant health and leading to greater energy ,better concentration and a happier life.

Always remember there is no time limit ,no age limit ,no gender limit on yoga.As long as you want to see better yourself.Don’t ever think is too late to practice yoga.

When i reach the age of sixty ,i still want myself looks like twenty.

Weekends 200hr teacher training .


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