The journey has began

When I decided to get a yoga class from a former student from Tirisula it was a turning point in my live. I went for the class , at 7am and after one hour of yoga, outside, listening to the birds and the city waking up, it was a very refreshing thing to do first thing in the morning.
After the classes we chatted for a while, when she told me about the academy, I immediately decided that I wanted to take the course.
You see, I thought I was already a yogi, after all I had practice some yoga in the past!
After the first hour of the course, I thought, Ohhh my God I am so unfit!! never mind the fact that I have been working out 3-4 times a week in the last 4 years and that I just completed the 10 day Bikram challenge, I realised I have no stamina , I have no strength in my arms or in my body. I cannot keep up with the class, I have two left feet and have frozen hips and the terminology is so new to me. I feel like when I went to school for the first time ,primary school, all new, in fact that it is really how I feel , but , when I went to school for the first time, the education journey started and it has never ended to me , and so it is this yoga journey that I have now embraced.
I still feel, like that child with no knowledge, but after my first week, although I am one of the weakest pupil , I am still trying to keep in my head all I learned on that day , trying to memorise all the poses and now we started with the body , so much to remember !! But for me this journey is only beginning. I still don’t have a clear path set but there is no limit or set end for it , now that I am learning how to get my body to do what I want , together with my “self” , the sky is the limit and there will be no ending of this journey.
Carla Cavaco

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