My Journey

img_0210Before I knew yoga I already love sports … of course that I want to tell and share here is the difference before and after I practice yoga. Before yoga I was active sports such as running and sometimes aerobics, but at that moment my muscles
cramps often even though I was just exercising, and at night I often can not sleep … until finally I started yoga, many differences and the benefits I got in yoga, i love all the poses, and since the first day I know yoga is exactly a year ago up to this day I do not stop doing yoga, nobody told me to practice every day, all born from the deepest of my heart…and I also do not compete with anyone, because yoga is not competitive.
Maybe because i like what i do, so i was able to face the challenges…For example, i exercise regularly every morning to practice my favorite techniques, like HeadStand or Arm Balance……
And the tip of my practice … practice yoga favorite technique can lead to feelings of pleasure, so it’s easier done than practicing yoga techniques are not the favorites because of this I suggest your favorite yoga practice techniques because it can improve mood, especially when energy body the mind is in a state of low batt.😊
And I finally mastered the poses, although not all of them I have mastered, but to me it was my own pride, which I feel after I could learn the poses even stronger my body, my mind becomes calm…
So yoga for me is not just a excersice but also the train of self-discipline, and because I was diligent yoga my muscles never cramp again, after I learned meditation/breathing, I am now able to sleep well …
Already one year I practiced yoga, and yoga brings changes not only on the physical but also the mind and how the vision of my life, especially breathing/meditation that really made me calm down, a lot of positive things I gained from yoga, and it makes me excited to learn yoga deeper.
“Master are those who have mastered the thought. The true victory is the victory over thought. That is real freedom. Fight all desires, thoughts, impulses, desires, and passions with strict discipline and self-limiting. Only then you can expect to be free from slavery thought.”
Namaste 🙏


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