New Journey…

I am a person who like sports a lot but not gym. Why? It is because I like to do something together with friends or in a group. I considered myself as an active person in the past. I participated in sports while I was in primary and secondary school. I represented my school for running 100meters, 200meters, and also as a basketball player.

However, after schooling in 2000, I wasn’t doing any sport for almost 9 years and only occasionally playing badminton and futsal after that. And I stopped doing any exercise after 2011 until I recently signed up for this 200hours yoga teacher training course.

I do have reasons why I signed up for this 200hrs yoga teaching course.

  1. To understand yoga and  strengthen my posture. (as I have lower back issues)
  2. To be more self-disciplined and stay healthier. (to keep it as a daily routine and not just for a week or two)
  3. To teach? (My previous job was in the logistics industry until I got married and left my company and move to Singapore.) I always wanted to change to something different, so thought of why not teaching yoga since I’m really interested to understand yoga more deeply. However, being a student and being a teacher is very different, so I will see how this journey goes.

So finally I finished the 1st week of the 200hours yoga teaching course. My 1st week was very tough. I often felt I was actually torturing myself and dying but still surviving.

Throughout the 1st week, we did learn quite a bit on Pranayama (breathing) and also the Asana. Even though it was really tough and I do felt a lot of different parts of pain, however I am still looking forward for the next week. As people always say “No Pain No Gain”!




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