Inward Journey

At some point of our life, we ponder who we are and where this life is going to lead us. Everyone does, that’s including myself. To accept who you really are, the current realities be it good or bad; yet I still plan for ideation. 
I have been through a long and interesting journey since my move to Singapore 2 years ago. Dealing with new environment, new job and to be emotionally independent.
It’s really tough. I used to feel like an open target for anyone suffering from anger or negativity, like running steam. Different voices running in my head regularly reminds me that questioned my own motivations of moving abroad.
“There is only one cause for all our worries and anxieties, Selfishness” – by Swami Satcitananda. 
I treasure this short and simple verse with gratitude. I have come a long way, it’s a valuable advice through my journey to take a hard look at things and to learn to accept myself and refining myself through yoga practice.  
What is remarkable throughout this journey is its inward path about knowing myself, transparent honesty about fearless of my failings and short comings, fears, low self-esteem and anxieties.
It provide me with a profound opportunity to enter into presence. I would name this as power in me to pursue my calling, the nature that whisper her secret and guide me to my destiny. 

Close your eyes and feel the breath… Nothing is permanent in this ordinary world and our reality is changing.


Life is beautiful!





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