Jathara Parivrttanasana

This is a really simple asana that I really like so I thought I share with all of you. 

It is a spine twisting pose which helps increase flexibility to the back muscles and the fluidity of the spine. At the same time, it tones the spinal nerves, improving their function.

It relieves muscular back pain due to poor postures, immobility or overloads, by stretching and relaxing that area. It is also useful in case of scoliosis, providing a gentle rebalancing.

The twist has a direct effect on the abdominal area and reactivates the digestive system by performing a massage on all abdominal internal organs: stomach, intestines, pancreas, spleen, liver and kidneys. It is a very good posture to help with constipation  and has a draining effect that helps eliminate toxins.

It rebalances the nervous system and helps relieve stress,
mild depression and anxiety. And it also helps on the balance between body and mind. Usually, the mind is excessively active and the body tired and lacking in energy. This position helps us to return them to a more balanced relationship.


There are different variants: stretched legs, flexed legs, a single
leg flexed, … but always exercising this action of twisting the spine and on the abdomen.

You have to pay special attention in case of having herniated disk.
Torsion may not be a good option in this case. If you have one, adopt it slowly and observe how you feel.

When you practice it, remember:

·       The shoulders and arms must be able to rest on the floor. If your legs do not reach the ground, put a pillow or blanket underneath so that legs and feet are also supported and relaxed.

·       I recommend that you close your eyes and open yourself to the observation of sensations, be present in what happens inside.

·       Always practice it from both sides and stay the same time on one side and the other (except in case of any imbalance that recommends being longer on one side).

·       Important! Do not practice it on a full stomach.


Once the position is adopted, let the whole body relax and allow your breathing to flow naturally. The deepest tissues will relax naturally and the nervous system will find its balance.

A posture with many benefits. Give it a try!