Jathara Parivritta


Jathara = Belly


  1. Lie down on your back in an active svasana or begin in apansana (knees to chest post).
  2. Spread your arms horizontally to your sides, palms on the floor. Engage your legs and keep them together as you dorsi flex your feet.
  3. On the inhale, lift both legs up at 90 degrees, keeping your knees straight and lower back flat on the ground.
  4. On the exhale, turn your head to look to the left and lower both legs to the right till legs are roughly 30-45 degrees to the floor. Ensure both shoulders remain flat on the floor, lower back lengthened, and adductor muscles engaged to keep your legs together.
  5. Inhale return to center with your legs perpendicular to your body.
  6. Exhale twist to the other side.


Same exercise but with knees bent at 90 degrees. 

Muscles Engaged

  • Abdominals, in particular the Obliques
  • Pectoralis Major + Minor
  • Lower back muscles, particularly Erector Spinae, Quadratus Lumborum


  • Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles and lower back muscles
  • Stimulates all digestive organs. As with many other twisting asanas, Jathara Privritta helps these organs release toxins and metabolic waste during compression, and at the release of the twist, encourages a fresh flow of oxygenated blood into the system.


Any recent or chronic injuries to the knees, hips or back/spine.

Recent abdominal surgery, or spinal injuries

completed by the-knees, sept-oct teacher training batch

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