Jack of all trades

Since young, I have always been an outgoing active girl who loves to pick up new skills and enjoy challenges. Sit still is the last thing that I want to do. Good thing about that is, people would be amazed of how much you know and how much have done in life.

“So you are a singer?”
“Well, I do perform in music café from time to time, does it count?”

“You have completed a full marathon?”
“Yup, I started running since 2016, so far I have done 3 half marathons and 1 full marathon in Singapore.”

“Your shoulders look quite toned.”
“Thanks to my fitness trainer, I work on quite a lot of weightlifting recently.”

“And now you are in yoga teacher training?”
“Yes, it has been quite fun.”
“So are you really good at it?”


Bad thing is, you maybe the jack of all trades, master of none.
Sometimes I got irritated with myself. Do you call it an all-rounder? Or it is simply fickle-minded.
Satya taught us to be truthful. Truthful to our body, our thoughts, our will, and our desire. While Santosha taught us to be contented. Appreciate what you have and focus less on what you do not have.

Why should I fear to be jack of trades?
After all, if you miss shooting for the moon, you will land among the stars.
Nothing could go too wrong.