It is coming to and end… or

It is coming to an end my friends… or is it just the beginning, I hope so…

I was recommended this course by a friend of mine about three years ago. She said even if you decide not to teach, just do it for yourself as you will learn so much. At the time I only did a little yoga here and there but not enough to keep me hooked and most of my exercise came from jogging and weights at the gym. I have always been very inflexible would always struggle in very bendy poses. But I thought hey, I can try this and I have always been interested in all the things around yoga as it seems like the best thing to keep the body fit and healthy. When I signed up for the course it was easy to choose Tirisula Yoga as they were based in the East and of course and the price was great compared to the other places. Then I learned they moved to Little India, which is further away but feels very authentic and I like the little shophouse. 

So I am unable to do the lotus pose and cannot even do one leg in lotus. As it has been recommended to me by both the Masters I’m sitting every evening in butterfly pose with 10 kg of rice bags on each leg with hope that this will open up the hips….not pain free! (Ahimsa). So I am unable to do many of the Primary Series poses. The other big challenge I have are the binding poses as my chest is too tight and needs to open up, so I have a lot of practising to do. 

I can’t believe we’re into the final week of the course and we are almost done! This week will be dedicated to the study of all the muscles, skeleton and poses. And the theory of course. It is overwhelming how much information we need to learn in so little time and I hope I will remember most of it for Sunday.

I would like to say thank you to Master Sree and Master Paalu and my fellow course mates for this experience! It has been a blast!

Wishing you all the best of luck for the exam.