Intermediate class I

Pranayama : (1) Anuloma Viloma or  Alternate nostril Breathing ( 4 : 8 : 8 )
(2) Kapalabhati (20x for 3 rounds)
Benefit : purify nasal passage & lungs.
Surya Namaskar A & B ( 5x each set with push up in between.)
Abdomen workout
(1) Double Leg raise 8x
(2) Oblique              8x
(3) Double Leg Circle    (5x) each side–clockwise, anticlockwise
3min     (1) Sirshasana or Dolphin  (1.5min x 2 )
3min     (2) Sarvangasana
3min     (3) Halasana with variation: a) Feet apart, hands flat on the ground
b) Feet apart, palm in prayer position, elbow straight
(4) Matsyasana
(5) Paschimothanasana
Counter pose : Bridge (up & down)
(6) Bhadrasana ; chest to feet post: i) Feet together with soles flat against each other
ii) Elbows bent, chest gradually down towards feet
iii) Hold the position ; Look forward
(7) Eka Pada Sirasana ” One Foot to Head Pose” :
i) From easy seating position, lift the right leg, both arms are outside the right leg “hugging” close to chest, gently rock side to side for a few minutes.
ii) Release right foot, take hold right foot with both hands toward chest –>chin–>then nose + forehead.
Repeat : ( The other side )
(8) Dhanurasana (bow pose)
(9) Ustrasana ( camel pose )
(10)Spinal Twist ( Ardha Matsyendrasana )
(11) Pada Hasthasana ( Standing Forward Bend )
(12) Trikonasana
 Final Relaxation and Auto Suggestion.

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