My intension for 2016 (sofie)

Wow, what a busy year. Soon we are jumping into 2016 and maybe it is time to think about intensions. What would you like the new year to bring to you?
My intention for 2016 is Gratefulness. I am grateful for my family, I am grateful for the air I am breathing (after 4 months of haze I know! I am truly grateful). I am grateful for my senses, I can smell, I can taste, I can see, I can listen and I can touch.
I am grateful for my new journey. It was difficult to find the courage to let go of other ambitions build up over many years, but a Sunday late afternoon something happened. I looked at the courses in Arab Street, and instantly I had a strong feeling that I was ready, and that it was the right thing for me to do. It’s the first baby steps in a bigger plan involving the practise of mindfulness.
The last couple of weeks have been intense, involved lots of new terminology, been sweaty and unbelievable inspiring.
What we practise we become.

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