Instagram and prenatal yoga.

The best advice I have been given when I was pregnant was ”listen to YOUR body, find out what works for YOU”. Every single body is different, every single pregnancy is different, and whatever works for your friends or anyone else might not work for you. You need to listen to your body to find out what suits you and what makes you connect to your body and your baby.
I love Instagram, it helps me stay in touch with friends and it is a fun way of reminding myself of things that are good in my life. Most of my pictures do reflect what I enjoy the most, what makes me laugh, what makes me feel strong or empowered. And I love looking at other’s pictures for inspiration. But I have an issue with very advanced yoga practitionners and prenatal yoga on Instagram.
What you can show on Instagram is only a fraction, a picture or a very short video of your practice (15 seconds max). It means that what people see is only the tip of the iceberg. Only a few seconds of months, years, of a long pratice. When I see very pregnant women (we are talking days away from the term) on Intagram who post pictures of their very advanced Pincha Maruyasana (forearm stand) or handstand or backbendings, it disturbs me. It really makes me a little angry. Wether they should or shouldn’t do the asanas in the first place is debatable but it is their bodies, they are entitled to do what they feel is right for them. And it might be okay for very advanced practitioners to keep practicing these advanced poses. Maybe it will feel right until the very end. But maybe it won’t. For most people, it won’t.
If you are new to yoga, pregnancy is not the time to learn how to do inversions, backbends or twists. Pregnancy is the time to learn how to breathe, to connect to yourself and to your baby, to keep your body moving and strenghten your muscles including your very important pelvic floor.
If you are an advanced practitioner, do what feels right for you. But please listen to your body. And if something feels wrong or hurts or feels unstable, don’t do it. Go to a more restorative pratice. Take care of yourself and your baby and listen to your body.
Yoga is such a vast practice, there are so many things more important than standing on your hands at that point. And please if you have an Instagram account, remind your followers that what you are doing is not advised while pregnant, even if the pose you are doing has many bebefits for YOU. Please remind them that is only a fraction of what you do and that they cannot just do the pose if they don’t have the long practice to go with it.
Inspire with integrity. Yoga is much more than just a pose on Instagram and while it is a great way to promote yoga, only few people master the art of showing the true colors of their whole practice.
Kali – Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training – June 2015 

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